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Mrkjb 28 days ago

Vegan Meat Lovers

This saved my entire perspective of vegan. Its no secret amongst my friends and fam that I'm a picky eater but most vegan things just haven't been it for me. I tried this place on a rainy day using postmates (bc I genuinely give things a shot more than once bc you just never know) and man was I AMAZED! This by far aside from slutty vegan is the BEST vegan experience I've ever had!!! I will definitely be back and also be spreading the word! I cannot wait to try the rest of their lineup. This will be a regular lazy day meal for me for SURE!!

Katelynnrogers7 about 1 month ago

Vegan Deluxe

Amazing!!! Was so happy to find this plant based pizzeria, I highly recommend everyone trying! My new go to pizza place!

Moroldan0 about 2 months ago

Spinach & Artichoke

My favorite pizza! Taste just like pizza for those that are worried that vegan pizza would not taste good. I love that they use a cashew-based cheese vs soy.

Rachelharper1018 about 2 months ago

Vegan Meat Lovers

The vegan meat lovers pizza is so delicious! Every component is good...from the crust to the flavorful sauce to the vegan cheese to the tasty Beyond meats! Yum! I could eat it every week!

Debrandaceo about 2 months ago

Vegan Meat Lovers

This pizza was sooooo delicious, i'm a very picky pizza eater but this hit the spot and it tastes like real meat on there!

Agraves53 2 months ago

Spinach & Artichoke

Since going vegan it's been hard to find fast food spots. I came across this place on ig and decided to give it a try... best food I've had since going vegan!!! And the service is perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

Heatherpariseau 2 months ago

Vegan Meat Lovers

Delicious!! All I can say is you got my meat loving son to love a "meat" lovers pizza πŸ˜‰. Keep killin it!

Sweetand369 2 months ago

Hawaiian Pizza

I was on a plant-based fast but was tired of eating boring food. I stumbled upon Plant Based Pizzeria, and my life was changed. The food and desserts is soooo goood. Even when I'm done with my fast, I'll still come back for pizza πŸ˜‹

Derektarrh 3 months ago

Vegan Deluxe

Fantastic vegan pizza! I will visit this place every time I come to Atlanta from here on out...and I'm not even vegan.

Fitch 3 months ago

Vegan Meat Lovers

I switched to being vegan about 2 months ago, and I've been searching for the best vegan restaurants out there, and this one hits the top of the list for me! I LOVE pizza, and saying goodbye to cheese was hard, but this place makes it easy!!! MUST TRY!

Lucimuli07 3 months ago

Hawaiian Pizza

When I went vegan this is one of the dishes I thought I would have to give up. Not only is this version better, it's healthy for me too! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

Afabbri 3 months ago

Vegan Meat Lovers

Very good meat-like toppings on the meat-lovers pizza. I recommend adding one veggie topping for balance.

Symonepepper 3 months ago

Hawaiian Pizza

This pizza taste so fresh & fulfilling. I don't feel guilty eating it & I can eat more slices of this pizza rather than your traditional Dominos because I get full to quick. Love this place & will forever go here for pizza, Basil Me lemonade and Vegan dessert.

Marlowesarah1 4 months ago

Hawaiian Flatbread

The Hawaiian flatbread was seriously the best pizza I've ever had! So appreciative of this place and what it stands for

Kingtoot45 4 months ago

Georgia Peach

Went last night, going tonight! Best pizza I ever had, no cap! Probably go tomorrow after work.

Dhowarddc 4 months ago

Hawaiian Pizza

Plant Based Pizzeria is the ish!!! Definitely one of my fav vegan spots now. Awesome staff! Great food! Great vibes! Also their Thanksgiving plate yesterday was the best vegan soul food I've had at any restaurant. I recommend this to anyone looking for a great experience!

Humanmusicbox 4 months ago

Vegan Meat Lovers

I have visited quite a few times and have now turned non vegans on to this place. I order the meat lovers flat bread and I have to eat half of it before I even leave the parking lot! My wife (non vegan) gets the calzone we're both from up North, so we thoroughly appreciate this place. The customer service is spot on and the wait is never too outrageous. I don't mind waiting for good/healthy food. Can't say enough about this establishment.

Tiffanyraines777 4 months ago

Philly Pizza

When I say good, it's really good! It's taste just like a regular pizza, it fills u up and it's light on the body, this spot will start being a Friday night thing for me, plus It's healthy

Tawanda 4 months ago

Vegan Deluxe

I always remove the cheese, add pineapple and bbq drizzle and oh... my... gosh it is the best flatbread pizza I've ever had!!! Love that it is served on spelt flour crust. The veggies taste fresh, the craftsmanship is on point. Definitely recommend!

Katktss 4 months ago

Vegan Meat Lovers

I had half meat lovers and Ga peach and man was it goooooooooddddddd! I can't do dairy products for this place is for filling my dream of eating pizza again! Thank you. I really loved the pie!

Inglin2000 about 1 month ago

Spinach & Artichoke

This pizza right here πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ That's that smack your momma good 🀀 My friend who is a meat lover was raving about it after eating some of mine and I can't wait to try another item on the menu. Was a 50min drive to get there but definitely worth every single mile. May God continue to bless your business.

Uwg2007 about 1 month ago

Vegan Meat Lovers

Delicious to the max! I grabbed a few friends and ate this pizza in a jiffy! My non vegan friends had no idea there was no meat

Andyschilder about 2 months ago

Vegan Meat Lovers

While I am not Vegan, my Wife is, and normally I am not a fan of the things she gets to eat. This was another story, very yummy. The pure variety of plant based meats was astonishing. It seems so ironic eating a "meat lovers" pizza that is entirely plant based, but it was definitely delicious. I implore everyone and anyone to give ANY of their dishes a try, they are all wonderful.

Debrandaceo about 2 months ago

Pepperoni & Sausage

Vegan pizza never tasted soooooo good. This is a must try whether your vegan or not

Chrissytucker83 2 months ago

Vegan Meat Lovers

Hello everyone, I tried the Vegan Meat Lovers Calzone and I must say it was magnificent. You would never guess that it wasn't real meat. It was the perfect selection for me and my first time. This place came about at the most perfect time for a lot of people that has taken their health more serious and want to switch up their diets. Can't wait to come back and try everything else on the menu.

Benni1217 2 months ago

Vegan Meat Lovers

Stopped here on a whim. I was very impressed. The staff was super friendly. I ordered the meat lover and it was delicious. My husband and I were both satisfied.

Bpap2929 2 months ago

Vegan Meat Lovers

I got the Vegan Meat Lovers on a flatbread for my first dish at this place and I cannot emphasize how delicious that thing was! I'm new to the whole vegan thing and let me tell you, if you need to show some meat-eaters in your life that you don't need to sacrifice flavor to make a difference in this world, take them to this place! This food stands entirely on its own merit. The vegan aspect is all upside as far as I'm concerned. Thank you so much for making my introductory phase of this lifestyle an immensely easier decision! I'll be ordering from this place more often in the near future.

Berbiciangurl 2 months ago

Spinach & Artichoke

While recovering from surgery, my sister brought me the spinach pizza. It was delicious.

Yourionly2003 3 months ago

Georgia Peach

OMG this pizza is unbelievably good! I tried the Georgia Peach/Philly Steak combo and I wasn't the least bit disappointed! I have never tried any of the vegan or plant based options. This pizza really changed my mind about the way I thought about eating a plant based meal. If I could be vegan/vegetarian I need a variety of food and something that taste excellent like PBP.

Dustinphillipscooks 3 months ago

Georgia Peach

This thang was insanely delicious! Definitely gonna be on the reg!

Ekenyatta 3 months ago

Pepperoni & Sausage

Delicious!! Flavorful, tasty, amazing!! When I opened the lid People at my job were asking what it was... I told em, but I couldn't share! πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Passiongoodies 3 months ago

Spinach & Artichoke

I'm not a huge fan of pizza, especially since I can't eat wheat. But my husband wanted to try this place and I was thrilled that they had a wheat-free (cauli) crust. Yum, the pizza was so flavorful we've already been back a second time! Thank you for existing, PBP!!!

Nhairstonrn 3 months ago

Vegan Meat Lovers

I could not believe how good this pizza was. I'm a stone cold meat lover, not a vegan, but I'm trying to eat more plant based. I was so excited to try plant based pizzeria. I had the meat lovers. Me and my boyfriend shared it in the car in front of restaurant. The pizza was so good y'all! The meat flavorful and had good texture. The crust was nice and crispy. The sauce was banging and popped with flavor and the cheese was yummy. It was so good we went right back inside and ordered another right away. The great thing is I didn't feel all tired and lazy like I usually am when I have a meaty pizza. I actually felt light and energized. Thanks for the good good meal y'all. Keep it up!

Mccloud 4 months ago

Georgia Peach

I had the half GA Peach and half Vegan Meat lovers pizza and it was delicious. All of the different flavors were amazing. I have also tried the Hawaiian pizza before and it's one of my favorites. There is great customer service there also, so you will never be disappointed!

Deyonna32 4 months ago

Hawaiian Pizza

D e l i c i o u s! The bbq sauce is heaven sent. This pizza was amazingly good. Wow!

Keziah 4 months ago

Georgia Peach

I had half Georgia Peach and half Philly and it was absolutely delicious! It was unlike any pizza I have ever tasted. The flavor definitely stands out. My husband who is not really into eating out and does not enjoy pizza actually enjoyed it! The fact that spelt crust is used is a major plus. I have absolutely no complaints and look forward to my next visit.

Kynaracalicutt1 4 months ago

Georgia Peach

The ga peach is my favorite literally the best pizza I've ever had.

Percussionkevin 4 months ago

Spinach & Artichoke

We loved Vegan Pizzeria! The crust was unique and flavorful and we really appreciated that they didn't use Daiya cheese. We got the Spinach Artichoke and the meat lovers and they were both fantastic. Will definitely be back. We'd like it if they eventually had more seating at some point. Would love to able to sit down there and enjoy a slice.

Email 4 months ago

Spinach & Artichoke

Amazingly delicious! My carnivorous friends were pleasantly satisfied as well!

Honestyb10 4 months ago

Philly Pizza

The Philly Pizza was really good! I wished I had eaten while there so it could still be hot!


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