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Our Story

Plant-Based Pizzeria is a haven for pizza lovers seeking a delicious, guilt-free dining experience. We are committed to crafting mouthwatering pizzas using only the freshest and finest plant-based ingredients. Our menu boasts a diverse array of flavors, from classic Margherita to innovative creations like "Roasted Veggie Medley" and "Beyond Pepperoni." At Plant-Based Pizzeria, we believe in nourishing both our customers and the planet, making every bite a celebration of sustainable and compassionate dining.

Flavor for the Health of It Never Tasted So Good at Plant Based Pizzeria

Yes, Everything Is VEGAN - Plant Based Pizzeria Is 100% Vegan and 100% Delish.

Atlanta’s Premium Plant-Based Pizza  

Hot. Fresh. Tempting pizza that makes your stomach growl and fills YOU with great vibes.

The FIRST and the BEST VEGAN PIZZA on the scene in Atlanta! Featuring hot melty, cheese, and fresh, crispy veggies. All united with the finest hand-crafted quality, organic pizza crust. We offer:  

Pizza with dairy-free cheese that melts and tastes like real mozzarella - no dairy — no whey.
A delectable house-made organic spelt flour crust.
A gluten-free artisan crust option.
A full variety of specialty-made pizzas to choose from, or build a half-and-half pie.

AND we offer the best plant-based burgers. Our fresh-grilled, vegan burger on a crusty, and toasted bun will set your tastebuds on cloud 9. Build yours NOW how you like it.

Featured Pizza: The Georgia Peach

“I was so pleasantly surprised by the combination of peaches and jalapeiios. It was fantastic...”

Move over pineapple pizza, The Georgia Peach pizza is our specialty. Spicy jalapenos awaken the senses and so kindly balance with fresh Atlanta peaches. A crispy, tasty crust topped off with our one-of-a-kind sauce. This dish has all the makings fit for royalty.

*Looking for a gluten-free option? Don’t worry, no need to sacrifice quality. We got you covered with our very own gluten-free artisan pizza crust. Made in-house, divinely crisp, and ready to order NOW.

Flavorful, original, and oh-so-delicious, you'll be tempted to eat the whole pie yourself. But remember sharing is caring. Elevate yourself and others and grab enough for friends.

The Best Vegan Burger: Made for YOU — Fast 

“This burger was absolutely amazing! It was grilled to perfection, flavorful, and topped with the freshest toppings which included jalapenos, mustard, ketchup, onion, pickle, and lettuce. Paired with the fries, the meal turned out to be just as delectable as | remembered! It takes me back to my days of eating unhealthy comfort food, but | get to enjoy it without all of the guilt and sluggishness. 10/10 would recommend!”

If you're looking for a plant-based burger customized to your tastes, you found it. Classic burger flavor comes out of our tasty and healthy vegan burger patty. We use the Beyond Burger patty, one of the healthiest plant-based burgers on the market, grilled just the way you like it

And don’t skip the toppings — Check out our tasty add-ons to customize your burger to your liking.

Using the highest quality vegan ingredients, we make an outstanding vegan burger you won't forget. This plant-based burger fits on a toasted bun. Crispy on the outside, and warm and bready on the inside, this bun doesn’t disappoint. 

Our vegan burger is a textural and grilled delight at an attractive price. Get yours and treat yourself to an order of chili cheese fries.

Refreshing Cold Pressed Juice or Lemonade?

Our in-house freshly made cold-pressed juices and lemonades will leave you feeling not only hydrated but recharged.

Tantalizing Vegan Dessert to Elevate Your Experience?

Got a sweet tooth? Don't forget to check out our locally-made baked goods in stock daily. The daily selection varies, so have your Door Dash delivery driver add one on. Or if you're picking up your order, enjoy picking yours out. 

Calzones, Flatbreads, and Salads Made Fresh for You

Oozy, cheesy, flavor-filled Calzones that will fill you with joy. Warm-bready Flatbreads that are filled with exquisite flavor. Inspired Salads come with house-made dressings and organic vegetables

Warning you're going to want to try everything, but pace yourself. We'll be here for you. 

Build your own or choose from our flavorful options. Add a side salad, a flatbread, or try a calzone.

Healthy Vegan Options?

We got you covered — Eat more plants:

Our in-house-made, organic spelt pizza dough crust is packed with whole grain, fiber, and nutrients.
Our crispy, gluten-free crust is a tasty option.
Our fresh veggie and mushroom pizza toppings are always the star of the show.
We strive to find organic veggies year-round to use in our salads.
Our specialty, best-ever walnut meat is made in-house and ready for you to add to any menu item.
We DON'T use white sugar, white flour, or soy in our menu items (desserts excluded).
Our menu items include healthier vegan meats and cheese options made from pea, fava, and rice proteins.

We're selective. We use the healthiest plant-based meat and vegan cheese alternatives available. Mouthwatering flavor and healthy ingredients come together at Plant Based Pizzeria. Our menu is full of quality ingredients and health-minded menu items. Grab yourself a healthy, flavorful, vegan bite now.

How Is the Food at Plant Based Pizzeria?

We love seeing people satisfied and take pride in each order. Some of our valued customers are taking notice, this is what they are saying: 

“One of my favorite pizza spots ... | would travel from Stockbridge to Atlanta while pregnant just for PLANT BASED PIZZERIA... Would highly recommend.”
-Amanda S 

“This place is one of my favorites places for pizza. The flavors are immaculate and the pizza is always on point...
-Quay F 

How do you create a healthier menu that doesn’t sacrifice flavor and texture

Paul Jordan, owner and head chef at Plant Based Pizzeria, asked himself this “...OMG! First, the vibe and decor was beautiful inside! My Veggie Deluxe pizza (added beyond meat sausage) was AMAZING! | loved every bit of it! | just found my new pizza spot!”

“We are not a vegan household but this pizza is still becoming a staple! It's just so delicious!”

What Is Plant Based Pizzeria All About?  

question at a pivotal point in his life. When Paul's mother, Brenda Ann, fell sick with cancer, he started to take a look at his own food choices. It became clear to him: finer food leads to better health.

Plant Based Pizzeria was born in honor of Brenda Ann's life. In life, Brenda Ann was an inspiration to Paul through her southern style of cooking. Paul was introduced to the restaurant industry through her restaurant business. He used this foundation as a launching point to create a healthier menu. Plant Based Pizzeria offers healthier options of classic American comfort food with a southern flare.

Value is a state of mind. Kind values bring about thoughtful change. Bringing healthy and scrumptious vegan fast food your way is a passion of ours. At Plant Based Pizzeria, we're committed and we strive to keep these values on our mind:

Healthier-made American food 
An eco-friendly and sustainable vision
Cruelty-free consumption
Inspired customer engagement

Expanding values. Raising vibes. Change is a flavor you'll want to try.

Check out our other daily changing specialties like our:

bangin’ Baked Spaghetti
delectable Taco Mac n Cheese
tempting Lasagna

Paul is always cooking up something new in the kitchen for your appetite. Check out today’s special.

Black-Owned Business - Built From the Ground Up

Plant Based Pizzeria found a home in Atlanta. It's rooted in the idea of bringing healthy needed change to all.

This is an area where vegan and vegetarian restaurants thrive.

When you purchase some delicious vegan food at Plant Based Pizzeria you are actively supporting a noble community. Eating healthy food and keeping that empowered vibe going tastes so good. Try a pizza.

Elevate to celebrate. Plant Based Pizzeria will send you on your way inspired.

The Plant Based Pizzeria Vegan Food Truck Is Available to Cater Your Next Event or Wedding

That's right, we bring our flavor to you. Inspire your guests and give them a taste they'll remember. 

Currently, we have two food trucks and a food trailer available to come to you. We bring mouth-watering enjoyment straight to you and your guests. 

Birthday parties, weddings, special events — we have you covered.

Check out our catering information and sample menu.

Contact us to book an event @ 404-835-9834

Our Vegan Road Ahead: Plant-Based Onward and Upward Company Goals

Plant Based Pizzeria is an expanding vegan and plant-based food company. We're branching into other plant-based markets. Our vision is to expand into frozen foods with our pizza, specialty dishes, and other vegan products. Now you can purchase Plant Based Pizzeria anywhere in the U.S.A.

Come with us on our journey. We take care of our own. Become a VIP member and get deals, rewards, and member love by entering your email.

Feeling Saucy? Try Brenda Ann’s Vegan Sauce Line

Introducing our specialty sauces line: Brenda Ann’s Vegan Sauce

Starting off with Brenda Ann’s Vegan Ranch Sauce. Classic, creamy ranch flavor made vegan, bottled, and ready for purchase NOW.

Coming soon to the Brenda Ann Vegan Sauce line:

Buffalo sauce
Secret sauce
Pesto sauce

Check Out The Plant Based Pizzeria Merch Shop

As we continue forward, we're embracing the journey. The Plant Based Pizzeria vegan shop is here. Change is now a style that looks so tempting on you. Click the link and get your Plant Based Pizzeria T-shirt, hat, or bag.

Have You Tried the Plant Based Pizzeria App?

The Plant Based Pizzeria App is now available for download. We have taken our vegan food ordering service to the next level with our app. Place an order, check your loyalty rewards, purchase your frozen food items... and so much more. Click the link to get plugged into Plant Based Pizzeria.

Join the Plant Based Pizzeria Movement and Open Your Own 

Looking to be part of our vegan franchise program? Join the plant-based movement and start your own Plant Based Pizzeria. Email us for more info here

Looking for the Best Vegan Food Near Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta International Airport?  

You found it, located less than a 20-minute drive from the Atlanta airport, on the edge of Virginia's Highland. Place your order before you leave the airport and your food will be hot, ready, and delicious by the time you arrive. 

Explore Midtown Atlanta and the famous Ponce De Leon Ave. which is like the cultural and economic beating heart of Atlanta. Connecting the many communities of Atlanta, many great stories start on the Ponce. The shopping and entertainment scene won't disappoint on this historical 16-mile lively stretch. 

Looking for a way to stretch your legs between flights? After you enjoy a meal with us at Plant Based Pizzeria, grab yourself a juice and head out for a nice walk along the Atlanta BeltLine to digest and soak up the beautiful ambiance that is Atlanta, Georgia. 

Downtown Atlanta is 7 miles South. Pick up your food and then explore the many historical sites on your way back to the airport. 

Where Is Plant Based Pizzeria?

Plant Based Pizzeria has found its home in the ever-inspiring and ever-changing vegan and vegetarian hot spot — Atlanta. Come check us out today!